EUROPEAN PROJECT LIFE+ FOODPRINT: An initiative of the Food Sector for the protection of the environment.

The kick-off meeting of the LIFE+ FOODPRINT project "Development of an integrated strategy for reducing the carbon footprint in the food industry sector" took place on Wednesday September 24th at SEVT premises.

The project focuses on the development of strategies and tools for the reduction of the carbon footprint, taking into consideration the entire food supply chain, from raw material production to the consumer, contributing on one hand to the protection of the environment and on the other hand to the increase of the sector's sustainability by saving energy and resources.

As part of the project, a large scale demonstration will be performed to 6 companies in Greece and Italy in order to evaluate the carbon footprint of certain products along the supply chain, to identify the factors that increase the emissions and to develop strategies for their reduction.

At the kick-off meeting the beneficiaries discussed in detail about the actions of this ambitious project, defining and planning the next steps and their successful implementation. 

Coordinator:  Jotis SA Food Industry

The project LIFE FOODPRINT is co-funded by LIFE projects European Union's financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action.


Website references about the FOODPRINT kick-off meeting.

The project is implemented in Greece & Italy.


The main objective of the LIFE FOODPRINT project is to identify, quantify and implement measures to reduce, the carbon footprint (CF) of the pastry and flour food industry sector along the supply chain while increasing competitiveness through the development of an innovative software tool.

LIFE13 ENV/GR/000958

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